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Well, it looks like Pippa managed to outmaneuver the rest of the party with Abbaddon’s help. After saving some inconsequential NPCs Reginatus and Sapphyre, who became central to the narrative as NPC Sapphyre and PC Reginatus, they clawed their way out of poverty by doing questionable work for Mr. Smythe. They met Pippa the Tech Priest and, with her help, fought orks led by Kaptin Bloodflarg, Mr. Nailbrain, and Spookums, with whom they made a deal so they could focus on other enemies, Choas. These Chaos cultists were up to something, and, while investigating, they found them working in a temple, where they were attempting to destroy and ork God-egg. The party interfered, freeing Grimnir the Ancient who smashed Spookums, but not until after he got away with the God-egg of Mork. Hadrian, in the process, became possessed by a demon who irrevocably altered the party. Hadrian attempted to turn the party to Chaos, succeeding in brokering a deal with the Alpha legion Space Marines and corrupting the entire party except Felix.

Laying low, Felix tried to stay alive aboard the Chaos raider. Lured to the planet where they originally encountered Grimnir, a space marine apothecary and librarian attempted to exorcise the party, that Grimnir’s ancient and once-pure geneseed might not be lost. They succeeded in driving the demon out of everyone, but Pippa resented the loss of power and tentacle. However, the demon manifested in physical form, and an ancient conflict was re-enacted. The psychic energy attracted the bloodthirster, who attempted to cut the head of the imperial opposition in the Koronus expanse. In the confusion and fighting, Pippa killed Sapphyre, whom she despised, and escaped, becoming the Champion of Khorne in the sector by swearing to Khorne over the corpse of the Bloodthirster.

*In the aftermath, Felix and Hadrian became space marines with Ancient Grimnir as the Chapter master. The fledgling chapter didn’t have much time to consolidate its strength, however, since Kaptin Bloodflarg and Mr. Nailbrain, along with the ressurrected Spookums, infiltrated base security and destroyed much of their electrical equipment with Mr. Nailbrain’s Deff Virus. They followed the coordinates of the signal, and found the orks ressurrecting Gork, which they succeeded in doing. They fought a squiggoth, which their Space marine sergeant companion killed, and Felix drove off the Kaptin and Mr. Nailbrain by destroying Kaptin Bloodflarg’s hat, which enraged and dismayed him. Pippa paid them a visit trying to convince them that she was only interested in destroying Gork, and that they should kill the orks and she would take care of that. They assaulted Da Wurlbreaka, succeeding in destroying its main cannon, Mr. Nailbrain’s Speshul Delivry, in a desperate gambit pitting all of their firepower in a hopeless burst on the main cannon. Succeeding, and making Mr. Nailbrain exceedingly angry, they now had an open avenue for a boarding assault. Abaddon (the Space Marine sergeant) and Felix led a boading crew to the bridge, Hadrian assaulted the main force of Orks led by Kaptin Bloodflarg, and Pippa attacked Gork. However, Pippa emerged most victorious with the help of a betrayal by Abbaddon which allowed her to destroy Gork in the Warp Drive of Da Wurldbreaka, catapulting them into the Eye of Terror. Now Felix and Hadrian are dead, and Da Wurldbreaka is under the dominion of Khorne, is full of Chaos Space Orks, and is reaving across the stars. The nameless one probably sided with her after switching allegiances several times. Mr. Nailbrain and Kaptin Bloodflarg’s magnificent creation (to some) is now in the hands of Khorne, and Pippa is his champion.

We may have set out for the Emperor (although that was shaky, at best), but it ended for Khorne. It was a good campaign, guys. We may have to revisit the aftermath of this some day.*

Please create and keep your character up to date. Here is a good place to develop backstory and write down things you need to remember about your character and what your character thinks about them (I.E. Pippa’s tentacle, Felix’s drug addictions and broken sword, etc.). Also, keeping a record of your adventures is worth XP as detailed on the adventure log page, and makes for a good catch-up if you miss a week.

Finally, I’ll be keeping a wiki with info about stuff and npcs which you can read or add to if you feel like something is missing or you want to chronicle an event or a monster/race you run into, or a character you want to have be a more permanent feature. Just ask Felix, he basically made Saphyre a persistent NPC almost single-handedly.

Humble Beginnings

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