Kaptain Bloodflarg

Ork Ship Captain


Kaptain Bloodflarg is a large ork with his own shiny ship and a thing for hats. He has been working with the players much to Reginatus’ and Hadrian’s chagrin. Knows how to take advantage of a situation and is a rare ork willing to “Par-ley” instead of “Smash da humies.”

He is going to invite them to the planet where they found the temple, Grimnir, and the chaos space marines. There they will witness the rise of Gork and Mork, and the revelation that the moon on the planet has been replaced by the WurldBreaka, which will be on it’s way to footfall and then the imperium.


I been tinkin’ o’ wrtitin’ me auto-biography, but what ork be havin’ da’ time to be puttin’ words on papa’ when dere be heads what need breakin’? Oh, I wish I had me some reliable lads on da crew.

Kaptain Bloodflarg

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