Rogue Trader


Weapon skill: 53
Ballistic skill: 40
Strength: 40
Toughness: 41
Agility: 43
Intelligence: 44
Perception: 41
Will Power: 43
Fellowship: 60

Las Pistol (Wazer)

Important Gear:
Family Sword Fragments

Wounds: 13
Corruption: 23
Insanity: 18


I am the only heir of a noble Trader line. My father was forced to sign a contract that banished him to a desolate, backwater world where I was raised. As I grew, I learned of the wicked betrayal of my family by the other Traders and vowed that I would one day restore my family name. Several of my attempts to hijack ships to leave the planet I was stuck on resulted in my hospitalization, which was how I learned of the sweet release brought about through chemical agents. When I was nearing my 23rd birthday, my father took ill. When he had succumbed to the disease that plagued him, I inherited the family blade named Murasame, an ancient language translation for ‘passing storm’. With the blade came the official writ of my inheritance of the family trade warrant. Armed with these two items as well as my trusty las pistol, I regained my drive to restore my family’s name.

He challenged me. My security council challenged me and broke my family sword. This should not have been possible. Power swords are not supposed to be able to be broken! Is he working for the other Traders? Justice demands an eye for an eye, and when I have my sword or any other means, I shall break his beloved hammer.


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