Humble Beginnings

The Cathedral of Chaos

We arrived at Footfall after a dangerous encounter with a creature from the warp left our ship damaged and barely spaceworthy. We took rest upon the planet, repaired our vessel and resupplied. I also took the opportunity to go with Pippa to discover what we could about chaos and demons. We were able to convince some local pirates to help us hack the cogitator network of the local Adeptus Arbites. We gained valuable information, but at the cost of alerting them to our intrusion. We had to flee quickly back to the ship, but not before Mr. Smythe approached the captain with another mission. Normally the errands we run for the man are dull and mundane, objectives Felix might care about but for which I care little. This time, however, his offer intrigued me; a bounty had been placed upon the heads of chaos cultists rumored to exist in the heathen stars. Running the risk of again gaining the attention of the Arbites Adeptus, we took the offer and returned to the heathen stars.
We landed upon a planet where we found followers of Pippa’s cult. They welcomed us warmly and alerted us to a member of their community whose behavior seemed suspicious. I managed to conceal myself in the man’s vehicle and he took me to a great cathedral, where he and other servants of chaos were in the midst of a ritual. They discovered me, despite my brilliant stealth and skill at concealment, yet I was able to overhear their secret password, and they allowed me into their ritual. I didn’t fully understand their dark purpose, but I knew it wasn’t good. I sent a vox message to my comrades to come and help me destroy the foul men, but as we began to battle them, to my dismay the cultists simply turned their weapons upon each other. With every slaughtered cultist the power of their ritual grew stronger, and the bodies of the slain became absorbed into one mass of gore upon some sort of sacrificial table. In an attempt to stop the ritual, I set fire to their sacrifice, but it only served to help the ritual along. A great chasm opened up in the ground, and as Pippa tried to investigate it she was sucked into its void. The glowing mass upon the table also rushed into the hole, and the walls of the cathedral began to fall. No doubt we all would have been drawn into the opening, had we not been saved by a group of space marines, who arrived to draw us out and help us return to our ship, but not before we caught glimpse of a frightening creature, larger than the cathedral we had just fled, come crawling forth from the dark hole. Safe again upon our ship, I am curious now to find out more about the strange insignia and coloring of the space marines’ uniform, and what dark purposes these mysterious soldiers might have.



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