Humble Beginnings

Sapphyre, Reginatis & Tychus

Once on board the newly hijacked ship, I noticed I was followed by a friend of my father, a strange man by the name of Tychus. He’s one of those strange fellows that is able to communicate through the warp. As soon as we had weighed anchor, the crew informed me of a decision that the previous captain had made regarding a prisoner in the brig. As I left the bridge to check the status of this prisoner, I noticed that the navigation officer seemed worried.
When I arrived at the brig, I saw that the previous captain had made a grievous error. He had imprisoned a servant of the Emperor, a missionary by the name of Reginatus. I swiftly untied the missionary and inquired of him why the ship’s previous captain had imprisoned him. He told me that there was a possible heretic aboard the ship and that he was duty bound to uncover. I requested of the man that he include me in the investigation and that he take no action without evidence of the heresy. He gave me his word that he would take no action without definitive proof and we returned to the bridge.
We returned to the bridge, where the navigation officer informed me that a course through the warp had been plotted to the meeting location for the exchange of the illicit cargo that the previous captain had acquired. I issued the command and we entered the warp. Upon entering the warp, we encountered one of the fabled perils that can happen. It occurred so suddenly, most of the crew on the bridge was struck dumb with fear of it, but a demon appeared upon the bridge! I was able to control myself and helped to combat the demon, but it was the navigation officer that was able to banish it. She took her dagger and jumped upon it and banished it back to the warp. Now I knew who the missionary had been referring to.
As the rest of the crew recovered from the shock of the demon the navigation officer took me aside and asked for a word in private. I asked her to show me to the previous captain’s quarters. She informed me that she is what is called by most a ‘Warp Wytch’. That if she were to be discovered by the missionary, he would slay her on site. She also told me that we are mired in a warp storm and that she was the only person on board that could navigate us safely out of it within our lifetimes.
It was my first major dilemma as a captain of a ship. Do I sacrifice us all in the Emperor’s name to satisfy a need to destroy a heretic? Or do I allow this heretic to live and risk being found out in the future and suffer the same fate as the heretic I sheltered? I chose to shelter this Warp Wytch, whose name is Saphyre, at my own risk.
Saphyre and I returned to the bridge as everyone was still recovering from the demon attack. She plotted a course to take us out of the warp to our destination. I took Reginatus aside and discussed with him my ‘suspicions’ that the pilot was the person he was searching for. It was a hollow ruse, but the poor missionary seemed to believe me.
With all of this weighing on my mind, we continued our journey.


Great summary of the first couple adventures! Finish it up and it’ll get you that extra xp per write up, but also go ahead and take an extra 100 for the great summary.

Sapphyre, Reginatis & Tychus

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