Humble Beginnings

Mr. Smythe and the World Torn by War

Arriving at Footfall, we took the advice of the crew and sold the wares to a contact of the former captain. The man’s name is Mr. Smythe. An interesting fellow, one cut from the same style of cloth as myself. But where I descend from a noble trader line, he is a commoner who is trying to make his name.
While purchasing our cargo, Mr. Smythe offered me quite the deal. He offered me a ship and a crew if I would but use my family’s trade warrant to establish a trade route between him at Footfall and the area known as the Heathen Stars. I gladly accepted his offer, knowing that he knew I had stolen the ship I was currently on. Which is really a relief, as the ship, according to both Tychus and Saphyre, was badly tainted by the Warp.
Aboard my new vessel, christened ‘Relativity’, I established Saphyre as the navigation officer, Hadrian as head of security and my 1st officer, Tychus as communications officer and Reginatus as the ship’s shepherd. With these changes placed, we set course for the Heathen Stars.
Thanks to Saphyre’s natural talent, we reached the sector without any problems arising.
Without knowledge of what we could find on any planet in this sector, we took orbit around the closest planet capable of sustaining life and opened comms. What we heard was unmistakably the sounds of a war with Orks. At the insistence of Hadrian, we took a shuttle down to investigate.
On our way down to the planet, we were hit and had to make a rough, but safe, landing.
Once on the planet, Hadrian insisted upon helping slay as many Orks as he could see. We encountered a party of combatants, and helped slay the Orks. With their thanks they lead us to their commander, who informed me that we would need to be granted permission from the governing council that oversees all actions taken for all the planets in the sector.
Leaving Hadrian behind, I took a shuttle to discuss the matter with the military command structure. I talked with the panel of council members and obtained permission for Hadrian to enter the fray. I also obtained the coordinates for the planet on which the Interplanetary Council for this sector was located.
Now just to collect Hadrian, return to the ship, and take care of my reason for coming to this sector.



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