Humble Beginnings

Disaster, Death and the Dreadnought (part 3)

Once aboard our ship, we managed to narrowly escape the jaws of the battle barge, and its guns nearly took us down, but the powers of Khorne (whom we now serve) protected us. Grimnir took command of the ship, threatening Felix and the rest of us with our lives. We accepted him as our new captain (what choice did we have?), and set sail under his command. I have reservations about Felix, however. He somehow managed to resist the influence of my demon, meaning we cannot trust him not to continue to try to fight against us in the Emperor’s name. I suspect that his own selfish desires to restore glory to his family name will be enough to keep him in line, but he has always proved to be an unpredictable and unmanageable member of our party in the past. Upon my own advice, Grimnir decided to continue the mission Smythe had given us by collecting bounty on other chaos cultists in the heathen stars. After all, what loyalty do we owe them? Khorne demands blood, and it doesn’t matter to him whether we bring him the blood of those loyal to the Emperor, or the blood of his own followers. We resolved to find the foul creature we had seen released from the cathedral, a bloodthirster. I used a dark ritual to reanimate the head of Reginatus, whose knowledge about how to kill creatures of chaos was without compare. Though even in death his willpower tested the limits of my newly found psychic powers, I managed to force the information out of him, and we learned that by forging a dark weapon we could bind the essence of the bloodthirster to our own will and use its power for our own, even after we destroyed its body.
In the meantime Felix was up to his old tricks. He discovered the existence of Saphyre upon the ship. I had assumed that in the chaos of the battle with the legion that she elected to stay with them. Yet she managed to sneak aboard our ship to continue spying upon us. My loyal followers among the crew reported to me that Felix had made contact with Saphyre, and they were talking secretly together. One of my warriors tried to follow them to Saphyre’s hidout, but he was killed before he could discover where they went. I sent a vox message to Grimnir the moment I received the report, only to find he had already discovered Felix hiding in Saphyre’s bolt hole, though Saphyre had again eluded us. I was only able to convince Grimnir not to kill Felix by using all the subtle cunning my demon could provide me, for I still believe Felix can be corrupted, or at the very least we can continue to use him and his trade warrant to spread Khorne’s influence even among the Imperium. Grimnir decided instead to take one of Felix’s legs as punishment for his treachery. Felix informed us that Saphyre was still in contact with the Alpha Legion, who were following us across the void, and that it was now her mission to try to assassinate us aboard our own ship. We will find the traitorous little witch, of that I have no doubt, and then we will destroy the bloodthirster, take his power, and begin our reign of terror across the stars!


+200xp, awesome entry. Very well done and in character.


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