Humble Beginnings

Disaster, Death, and the Dreadnought (part 2)

I couldn’t believe it! I suspected treachery from Tychus, but I thought Reginatus had more common sense and loyalty, despite his fanatical dedication to the Emperor. Had I been captain, I would have killed them both where they stood the moment they showed signs of mutiny, but Felix weakly submitted himself to Tychus’ power, hoping he could use trickery to hide the contents of his mind from the psycher. But Tychus was much too powerful and skilled to be resisted, and he immediately informed Reginatus of our actions, who opened fire upon us with his holy flamer. I managed to deal a Tychus a mortal would with a blow from my hammer, but not before he informed the dreadnought, Grimnir, of all our secrets. Grimnir had refused the offer of the Alpha Legion, and it was unclear to us what side he would choose in this conflict. Ordering us to stop the fight, he scooped up Felix and Tychus in his huge claws. Hoping that further death might be avoided, I managed to wrestle Reginatus to the ground before he could kill Pippa. Just then the Alpha Legion appeared on the deck, ordering Grimnir to stand down. Without a word the dreadnought incinerated their captain with one shot from his heavy melta, the weapon I had given him, and the legion had reloaded for him as a sign of good faith. Now turned against them, the rest of the legion attacked the ancient dreadnought.
Loath as I was to give any more power to the chaos demon I had secretly been harboring within my mind and body, I saw no other alternative than to turn to him. Grimnir was surely about to destroy Felix, and the rest of the Alpha Legion (unsure who was still on their side) began attacking us all indiscriminately. With regret I released the demon, allowing him to extend his influence to everyone around me. Some, like Felix and Reginatus, resisted his influence, while others, like Pippa and Grimnir, were completely corrupted by him. Now a chaos dreadnought, Grimnir was decidedly against Tychus and Reginatus. He destroyed the old psycher with one flex of his hand, and killed several more of the Alpha Legion. Tychus died a horrible death, but not before defiantly trying to destroy the demon with his dying thought. His consciousness flew from his destroyed body and into mine, and I nearly lost myself to his powers. As it was, the demon saved me from Tychus’ attack, and instead of being destroyed I gained Tychus psychic powers!
With Felix still in hand Grimnir boarded our ship, ordering Pippa and I to follow. I tried to bring Reginatus aboard, thinking he may still be useful, despite his treachery. But he had received mortal wounds in the conflict, and even moving him would have finished him off. I had to retreat to the ship under heavy fire, but not before collecting the heads of Reginatus and Tychus. No doubt their hair would make a fine meal for me, and who knows what other uses they might serve? Pippa tried collecting technology from the fallen space marines, but lost consciousness under the attack of the remaining marines. Only her mechadentrite and the chaos tentacle (which had grafted itself to her body) saved her from death, dragging her body onto the ship of their own volition.



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