Humble Beginnings

Disaster, Death, and the Dreadnought (part 1)

Our rescue by the space marines has become our undoing! All seemed well when our ship docked aboard their battle barge and we were invited by their captain to a secret conference. It turned out that all along they had one of their own among our ranks, spying upon us and reporting our activities back to them: the warp witch, Saphyre, whom I have long distrusted. Nevertheless she convinced Felix, myself, and even Grimnir, the ancient dreadnought, to board their ship and listen to their proposal. Felix also managed to convince Pippa to come along, however he was unable to convince others in our party, like Tychus and Reginatus, to listen to what the space marines had to say, on account of the connection the marines had to the powers of chaos.
Indeed the Alpha Legion (for such they called themselves) had convincing arguments, telling us that their purposes were for the benefit of humanity all across the stars, and that they wielded the power of chaos only to serve that much nobler end. As one who also uses the corrupting powers of chaos to bring order to the void, I was naturally interested in their mission. Additionally, I decided that this might be my best and only opportunity to be changed into a space marine myself, which has been my greatest desire since I began my life as a soldier. They branded our flesh with their insignia, swore us to secrecy and sent us on our way.
Upon trying to reenter our ship, however, we found that Tychus and Reginatus had committed the mutinous act of reporting our activities to the inquisition, and had begun executing those in our crew they suspected of heresy. Blocking our way to the ship, the two of them stood against us, and Tychus demanded we submit to his psychic intrusion of our minds…



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