Humble Beginnings

Abominations, The Woman & Orks

We exited the Warp to the sight of a derelict. Attached to the hull of the derelict were several asteroids. They appeared to have crashed into the ship and not drifted off, potentially plugging any atmospheric leaks in the derelict. Hadrian, the Arch Militant, Reginatus and myself all took a shuttle over to the derelict with the cargo to be traded. We docked, but left the cargo on the shuttle, and set out to find the party with which we would be trading.
As we approached the cargo holds, we heard gunfire and immediately rushed into the fray. A woman and a few of her guards were under siege by multiple…. creatures. Reginatus immediately lay waste to the smaller creatures with his flamethrower and Hadrian and I drew our weapons and attacked the big one. During the fight, the creature took notice of Reginatus and… spoke. The words were barely decipherable and the fact that I understood it shook me to my core, causing my body to become severely fatigued. I had to be carried back to the shuttle.
I was bed-ridden for our journey to Footfall, where we could unload all of our cargo, and perhaps obtain passage on a more civilized vessel. But there was a day on our trip wherein an Ork suddenly entered my quarters. Being quick in thought, I yelled at the Ork, demanding why he disturbed “da boss”. It confused the Ork, who asked what made me “da boss”, asked if I had “da teef” and even asked why I was not green-skinned, like he was. I managed to convince him that my “teef” were that of an Ork, that I was not moving because I did not need to, that I had servants to do my bidding and that my skin was burned, which was why I was no longer green. So convincing was my lie to this poor, weak-minded Ork that he was convinced to even start attacking his cohorts!
I later learned that the woman we had saved was in league with the Orks and that the crates she had brought aboard were filled with Ork spores, and that they were slowly replacing the crew of this commandeered vessel, eating their victims.
Nevertheless, we overcame our foes and arrived at our destination: Footfall.



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