Humble Beginnings

Disaster, Death and the Dreadnought (part 3)

Once aboard our ship, we managed to narrowly escape the jaws of the battle barge, and its guns nearly took us down, but the powers of Khorne (whom we now serve) protected us. Grimnir took command of the ship, threatening Felix and the rest of us with our lives. We accepted him as our new captain (what choice did we have?), and set sail under his command. I have reservations about Felix, however. He somehow managed to resist the influence of my demon, meaning we cannot trust him not to continue to try to fight against us in the Emperor’s name. I suspect that his own selfish desires to restore glory to his family name will be enough to keep him in line, but he has always proved to be an unpredictable and unmanageable member of our party in the past. Upon my own advice, Grimnir decided to continue the mission Smythe had given us by collecting bounty on other chaos cultists in the heathen stars. After all, what loyalty do we owe them? Khorne demands blood, and it doesn’t matter to him whether we bring him the blood of those loyal to the Emperor, or the blood of his own followers. We resolved to find the foul creature we had seen released from the cathedral, a bloodthirster. I used a dark ritual to reanimate the head of Reginatus, whose knowledge about how to kill creatures of chaos was without compare. Though even in death his willpower tested the limits of my newly found psychic powers, I managed to force the information out of him, and we learned that by forging a dark weapon we could bind the essence of the bloodthirster to our own will and use its power for our own, even after we destroyed its body.
In the meantime Felix was up to his old tricks. He discovered the existence of Saphyre upon the ship. I had assumed that in the chaos of the battle with the legion that she elected to stay with them. Yet she managed to sneak aboard our ship to continue spying upon us. My loyal followers among the crew reported to me that Felix had made contact with Saphyre, and they were talking secretly together. One of my warriors tried to follow them to Saphyre’s hidout, but he was killed before he could discover where they went. I sent a vox message to Grimnir the moment I received the report, only to find he had already discovered Felix hiding in Saphyre’s bolt hole, though Saphyre had again eluded us. I was only able to convince Grimnir not to kill Felix by using all the subtle cunning my demon could provide me, for I still believe Felix can be corrupted, or at the very least we can continue to use him and his trade warrant to spread Khorne’s influence even among the Imperium. Grimnir decided instead to take one of Felix’s legs as punishment for his treachery. Felix informed us that Saphyre was still in contact with the Alpha Legion, who were following us across the void, and that it was now her mission to try to assassinate us aboard our own ship. We will find the traitorous little witch, of that I have no doubt, and then we will destroy the bloodthirster, take his power, and begin our reign of terror across the stars!

Disaster, Death, and the Dreadnought (part 2)

I couldn’t believe it! I suspected treachery from Tychus, but I thought Reginatus had more common sense and loyalty, despite his fanatical dedication to the Emperor. Had I been captain, I would have killed them both where they stood the moment they showed signs of mutiny, but Felix weakly submitted himself to Tychus’ power, hoping he could use trickery to hide the contents of his mind from the psycher. But Tychus was much too powerful and skilled to be resisted, and he immediately informed Reginatus of our actions, who opened fire upon us with his holy flamer. I managed to deal a Tychus a mortal would with a blow from my hammer, but not before he informed the dreadnought, Grimnir, of all our secrets. Grimnir had refused the offer of the Alpha Legion, and it was unclear to us what side he would choose in this conflict. Ordering us to stop the fight, he scooped up Felix and Tychus in his huge claws. Hoping that further death might be avoided, I managed to wrestle Reginatus to the ground before he could kill Pippa. Just then the Alpha Legion appeared on the deck, ordering Grimnir to stand down. Without a word the dreadnought incinerated their captain with one shot from his heavy melta, the weapon I had given him, and the legion had reloaded for him as a sign of good faith. Now turned against them, the rest of the legion attacked the ancient dreadnought.
Loath as I was to give any more power to the chaos demon I had secretly been harboring within my mind and body, I saw no other alternative than to turn to him. Grimnir was surely about to destroy Felix, and the rest of the Alpha Legion (unsure who was still on their side) began attacking us all indiscriminately. With regret I released the demon, allowing him to extend his influence to everyone around me. Some, like Felix and Reginatus, resisted his influence, while others, like Pippa and Grimnir, were completely corrupted by him. Now a chaos dreadnought, Grimnir was decidedly against Tychus and Reginatus. He destroyed the old psycher with one flex of his hand, and killed several more of the Alpha Legion. Tychus died a horrible death, but not before defiantly trying to destroy the demon with his dying thought. His consciousness flew from his destroyed body and into mine, and I nearly lost myself to his powers. As it was, the demon saved me from Tychus’ attack, and instead of being destroyed I gained Tychus psychic powers!
With Felix still in hand Grimnir boarded our ship, ordering Pippa and I to follow. I tried to bring Reginatus aboard, thinking he may still be useful, despite his treachery. But he had received mortal wounds in the conflict, and even moving him would have finished him off. I had to retreat to the ship under heavy fire, but not before collecting the heads of Reginatus and Tychus. No doubt their hair would make a fine meal for me, and who knows what other uses they might serve? Pippa tried collecting technology from the fallen space marines, but lost consciousness under the attack of the remaining marines. Only her mechadentrite and the chaos tentacle (which had grafted itself to her body) saved her from death, dragging her body onto the ship of their own volition.

Disaster, Death, and the Dreadnought (part 1)

Our rescue by the space marines has become our undoing! All seemed well when our ship docked aboard their battle barge and we were invited by their captain to a secret conference. It turned out that all along they had one of their own among our ranks, spying upon us and reporting our activities back to them: the warp witch, Saphyre, whom I have long distrusted. Nevertheless she convinced Felix, myself, and even Grimnir, the ancient dreadnought, to board their ship and listen to their proposal. Felix also managed to convince Pippa to come along, however he was unable to convince others in our party, like Tychus and Reginatus, to listen to what the space marines had to say, on account of the connection the marines had to the powers of chaos.
Indeed the Alpha Legion (for such they called themselves) had convincing arguments, telling us that their purposes were for the benefit of humanity all across the stars, and that they wielded the power of chaos only to serve that much nobler end. As one who also uses the corrupting powers of chaos to bring order to the void, I was naturally interested in their mission. Additionally, I decided that this might be my best and only opportunity to be changed into a space marine myself, which has been my greatest desire since I began my life as a soldier. They branded our flesh with their insignia, swore us to secrecy and sent us on our way.
Upon trying to reenter our ship, however, we found that Tychus and Reginatus had committed the mutinous act of reporting our activities to the inquisition, and had begun executing those in our crew they suspected of heresy. Blocking our way to the ship, the two of them stood against us, and Tychus demanded we submit to his psychic intrusion of our minds…

The Cathedral of Chaos

We arrived at Footfall after a dangerous encounter with a creature from the warp left our ship damaged and barely spaceworthy. We took rest upon the planet, repaired our vessel and resupplied. I also took the opportunity to go with Pippa to discover what we could about chaos and demons. We were able to convince some local pirates to help us hack the cogitator network of the local Adeptus Arbites. We gained valuable information, but at the cost of alerting them to our intrusion. We had to flee quickly back to the ship, but not before Mr. Smythe approached the captain with another mission. Normally the errands we run for the man are dull and mundane, objectives Felix might care about but for which I care little. This time, however, his offer intrigued me; a bounty had been placed upon the heads of chaos cultists rumored to exist in the heathen stars. Running the risk of again gaining the attention of the Arbites Adeptus, we took the offer and returned to the heathen stars.
We landed upon a planet where we found followers of Pippa’s cult. They welcomed us warmly and alerted us to a member of their community whose behavior seemed suspicious. I managed to conceal myself in the man’s vehicle and he took me to a great cathedral, where he and other servants of chaos were in the midst of a ritual. They discovered me, despite my brilliant stealth and skill at concealment, yet I was able to overhear their secret password, and they allowed me into their ritual. I didn’t fully understand their dark purpose, but I knew it wasn’t good. I sent a vox message to my comrades to come and help me destroy the foul men, but as we began to battle them, to my dismay the cultists simply turned their weapons upon each other. With every slaughtered cultist the power of their ritual grew stronger, and the bodies of the slain became absorbed into one mass of gore upon some sort of sacrificial table. In an attempt to stop the ritual, I set fire to their sacrifice, but it only served to help the ritual along. A great chasm opened up in the ground, and as Pippa tried to investigate it she was sucked into its void. The glowing mass upon the table also rushed into the hole, and the walls of the cathedral began to fall. No doubt we all would have been drawn into the opening, had we not been saved by a group of space marines, who arrived to draw us out and help us return to our ship, but not before we caught glimpse of a frightening creature, larger than the cathedral we had just fled, come crawling forth from the dark hole. Safe again upon our ship, I am curious now to find out more about the strange insignia and coloring of the space marines’ uniform, and what dark purposes these mysterious soldiers might have.

Abominations, The Woman & Orks

We exited the Warp to the sight of a derelict. Attached to the hull of the derelict were several asteroids. They appeared to have crashed into the ship and not drifted off, potentially plugging any atmospheric leaks in the derelict. Hadrian, the Arch Militant, Reginatus and myself all took a shuttle over to the derelict with the cargo to be traded. We docked, but left the cargo on the shuttle, and set out to find the party with which we would be trading.
As we approached the cargo holds, we heard gunfire and immediately rushed into the fray. A woman and a few of her guards were under siege by multiple…. creatures. Reginatus immediately lay waste to the smaller creatures with his flamethrower and Hadrian and I drew our weapons and attacked the big one. During the fight, the creature took notice of Reginatus and… spoke. The words were barely decipherable and the fact that I understood it shook me to my core, causing my body to become severely fatigued. I had to be carried back to the shuttle.
I was bed-ridden for our journey to Footfall, where we could unload all of our cargo, and perhaps obtain passage on a more civilized vessel. But there was a day on our trip wherein an Ork suddenly entered my quarters. Being quick in thought, I yelled at the Ork, demanding why he disturbed “da boss”. It confused the Ork, who asked what made me “da boss”, asked if I had “da teef” and even asked why I was not green-skinned, like he was. I managed to convince him that my “teef” were that of an Ork, that I was not moving because I did not need to, that I had servants to do my bidding and that my skin was burned, which was why I was no longer green. So convincing was my lie to this poor, weak-minded Ork that he was convinced to even start attacking his cohorts!
I later learned that the woman we had saved was in league with the Orks and that the crates she had brought aboard were filled with Ork spores, and that they were slowly replacing the crew of this commandeered vessel, eating their victims.
Nevertheless, we overcame our foes and arrived at our destination: Footfall.

Mr. Smythe and the World Torn by War

Arriving at Footfall, we took the advice of the crew and sold the wares to a contact of the former captain. The man’s name is Mr. Smythe. An interesting fellow, one cut from the same style of cloth as myself. But where I descend from a noble trader line, he is a commoner who is trying to make his name.
While purchasing our cargo, Mr. Smythe offered me quite the deal. He offered me a ship and a crew if I would but use my family’s trade warrant to establish a trade route between him at Footfall and the area known as the Heathen Stars. I gladly accepted his offer, knowing that he knew I had stolen the ship I was currently on. Which is really a relief, as the ship, according to both Tychus and Saphyre, was badly tainted by the Warp.
Aboard my new vessel, christened ‘Relativity’, I established Saphyre as the navigation officer, Hadrian as head of security and my 1st officer, Tychus as communications officer and Reginatus as the ship’s shepherd. With these changes placed, we set course for the Heathen Stars.
Thanks to Saphyre’s natural talent, we reached the sector without any problems arising.
Without knowledge of what we could find on any planet in this sector, we took orbit around the closest planet capable of sustaining life and opened comms. What we heard was unmistakably the sounds of a war with Orks. At the insistence of Hadrian, we took a shuttle down to investigate.
On our way down to the planet, we were hit and had to make a rough, but safe, landing.
Once on the planet, Hadrian insisted upon helping slay as many Orks as he could see. We encountered a party of combatants, and helped slay the Orks. With their thanks they lead us to their commander, who informed me that we would need to be granted permission from the governing council that oversees all actions taken for all the planets in the sector.
Leaving Hadrian behind, I took a shuttle to discuss the matter with the military command structure. I talked with the panel of council members and obtained permission for Hadrian to enter the fray. I also obtained the coordinates for the planet on which the Interplanetary Council for this sector was located.
Now just to collect Hadrian, return to the ship, and take care of my reason for coming to this sector.

Sapphyre, Reginatis & Tychus

Once on board the newly hijacked ship, I noticed I was followed by a friend of my father, a strange man by the name of Tychus. He’s one of those strange fellows that is able to communicate through the warp. As soon as we had weighed anchor, the crew informed me of a decision that the previous captain had made regarding a prisoner in the brig. As I left the bridge to check the status of this prisoner, I noticed that the navigation officer seemed worried.
When I arrived at the brig, I saw that the previous captain had made a grievous error. He had imprisoned a servant of the Emperor, a missionary by the name of Reginatus. I swiftly untied the missionary and inquired of him why the ship’s previous captain had imprisoned him. He told me that there was a possible heretic aboard the ship and that he was duty bound to uncover. I requested of the man that he include me in the investigation and that he take no action without evidence of the heresy. He gave me his word that he would take no action without definitive proof and we returned to the bridge.
We returned to the bridge, where the navigation officer informed me that a course through the warp had been plotted to the meeting location for the exchange of the illicit cargo that the previous captain had acquired. I issued the command and we entered the warp. Upon entering the warp, we encountered one of the fabled perils that can happen. It occurred so suddenly, most of the crew on the bridge was struck dumb with fear of it, but a demon appeared upon the bridge! I was able to control myself and helped to combat the demon, but it was the navigation officer that was able to banish it. She took her dagger and jumped upon it and banished it back to the warp. Now I knew who the missionary had been referring to.
As the rest of the crew recovered from the shock of the demon the navigation officer took me aside and asked for a word in private. I asked her to show me to the previous captain’s quarters. She informed me that she is what is called by most a ‘Warp Wytch’. That if she were to be discovered by the missionary, he would slay her on site. She also told me that we are mired in a warp storm and that she was the only person on board that could navigate us safely out of it within our lifetimes.
It was my first major dilemma as a captain of a ship. Do I sacrifice us all in the Emperor’s name to satisfy a need to destroy a heretic? Or do I allow this heretic to live and risk being found out in the future and suffer the same fate as the heretic I sheltered? I chose to shelter this Warp Wytch, whose name is Saphyre, at my own risk.
Saphyre and I returned to the bridge as everyone was still recovering from the demon attack. She plotted a course to take us out of the warp to our destination. I took Reginatus aside and discussed with him my ‘suspicions’ that the pilot was the person he was searching for. It was a hollow ruse, but the poor missionary seemed to believe me.
With all of this weighing on my mind, we continued our journey.

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In the beginning

It was roughly a week after the passing of my father that I learned of the arrival of another supply ship. I brought the arch militant that my father had hired as my bodyguard and we confronted the captain of the vessel. After inspiring a mutiny and executing the captain, we commandeered the vessel and set sail to trade the wares we had on board.


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